Preschool Program

Preschool Registration

Welcome to Summer Breeze Child Care “Preschool Program”.  We are very excited to offer a Preschool /Half Daycare Program to Families.  The Program will run longer than a regular Preschool Program but will consist of the same Programming.  The longer hours will allow children to prepare for the Full Day Kindergarten as well as giving Parents that extra time between drop off and Pick up.

The Program is run by Qualified Early Childhood Educators.  The Preschool Program is designed to allow children the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals in a unique environment.  The social aspect of Preschool is very important as children learn vital life skills such as problem solving, conflict resolution, sharing, and self confidence.  We encourage each child to be their own individual and embrace all their unique personalities.  Although our program does have a basic structure, we also give the children the ability to make choices as much as possible.

During the Program your child will have the opportunity to participate in Creative Art, Singing, Outdoor play, field trips to places in the community , group activities and much more.  Our goal is to provide a well rounded program that gives all sorts of opportunities for children to learn and develop their own unique sense of self.

Registration: We want our Program to meet all families needs.  We take Registration on a Full Time & Part Time basis.   This means that you can register to have your child Participate everyday, Three Days per week or Two Days per week

Rates For Preschool 9 am – 2:00pm September 2020- June 2021
Monday- Friday     $445.00 /Month
Mon, Wed, Friday  $345.00/Month
Tuesday, Thursday $ 245.00/Month

Our Preschool Program is closed on all District 62 Professional Development Days as well as Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer.

To Register :

Using Google Chrome as your browser- copy and paste the link below to fill out your registration form.  Request your days per week on this form.  When we receive your form we will email you confirmation of the days you requested and confirm your booking. A deposit of $50 will be required to secure your space.

Click on the word preschool registration below- this is the  link to register using Google Chrome as your browser:
Preschool Registration

THERE ARE CURRENTLY:   Zero spaces avaialbe
Mon, Wed, Friday Spaces:    3 spaces available
Full Time Mon- Friday:          1 Space Available

September 2021 Registration Begins February 1,2021